What Are the Benefits of Working for the Government

Working for the South African government offers prospective employees a range of excellent benefits that you are unlikely to receive when working in the private sector. On top of competitive remuneration and benefits, the working conditions in the government sector have a lot to offer prospective employees.

Here are a few compelling reasons why you should consider a career working for the government (national, provincial and local):

  • Membership of the Government Employees Pension Fund(GEPF) which is the largest pension fund in the country with around 1.2 million members and assets of R1.6 trillion. The GEPF provides retirement, death and Disability benefits.
  • Membership of the South African Government Employees Medical Scheme(GEMS), this is South Africa’s 2nd largest medical aids and has over 12 000 healthcare practitioners in 22 000 locations around South Africa.
  • Competitive Salary – the government sector can offer competitive remuneration. Government salaries are usually more than the prevailing rate of inflation.
  • Housing Allowance providesdcby the  Government Employee Housing Scheme (GEHS)
  • Annual bonus or 13 cheque – many private sector employers don’t offer bonuses anymore.
    Leave benefits including annual and sick leave. Leave benefits are covered under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. Leave benefits in the government sector are much better than leave benefits in the private sector.
  • Excellent on the job training and courses are provided in all government departments. This allows employees to develop and grow professionally.
  • Government jobs are spread throughout the country, so no matter where you actually live you can find a job working for the government in your area.
  • Job security – governments rarely downsize and have you ever
    heard of somebody getting fired from a government job.
  • The Government is the largest employer in South Africa.
    The range of job options is huge ranging covering almost the entire spectrum of jobs available in the economy, the South African Government has a job for you.
  • Balance – most government jobs enable employees to maintain a health work-life balance.

Prospective employees can look forward to a range of exciting and challenging career options in the Public sector and working for any one of the branches of the South African can offer the prospective employee with a satisfying and lucrative career choice. If you are thinking about a rewarding career working for the South African Government, then you can find current vacancies in the government sector here. You can get updates of new job vacancies by subscribing to our newsletter.

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